Six Word Saturday: It’s All About Rock n Roll!

Having a grand old happy time!

This busker was certainly causing a stir in Cork City yesterday, and putting a smile on everyones’ faces.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Blue

Blue Blue my world is Blue – an old sad song recorded by many people, including Marty Robbins and Johnny Mathis….singers that were probably  never heard of by a lot of my younger fellow bloggers!    Being blue can mean that we are sad, but it is such a beautiful colour that can be seen all around, who wouldn’t be happy when they see beautiful blue skies and the ocean that can change from blue to green and back again on a sunny day.

A view up the River Lee to  Cork city

A view up the River Lee to Cork city

And even buildings with a little bit of blue in them are very pleasing to the eye.

Old georgian building in Cork City

Old georgian building in Cork City

So come on, let’s forget about being sad and blue, but be happy and blue…even the sheep agrees with me!

Happily blue!

Happily blue!

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A Photo A Week Challenge : A Splash of Colour

On a dull day on the mountains, these hillwalkers in their bright jackets are the only splash of colour against the dull heather and rocks.   The brightness also helps pick out the people in the dull landscape.

The hillwalkers in their colourful jackets

The hillwalkers in their colourful jackets

And these hollyhocks, which we used to call ‘fairy thimbles, stand out against the bracken on a summer’s evening.

Fairy thimbles

Fairy thimbles

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Retracing the Past at Charles Fort

Charles Fort is a star shaped Fort at the water’s edge near Kinsale, in County Cork.   This fort was built by the British Army in the mid 17th century.    At that time, Ireland was (reluctantly) part of the United Kingdom, and was ruled by the British.

A model of the fort as it stands today

A model of the fort as it stands today

In 1601, the Spanish monarchy sent a ship and 4000 men, under Don Juan del Aguila, to Kinsale, to help the Irish forces  under O’Neill and O’Donnell, and other Irish chieftains, to try and chase the British out of Ireland.  A huge battle ensued, the Spanish and the Irish forces managed to take Kinsale.

On hearing of the Spanish landing, the British sent about 8000 men, who managed to overcome the Spaniards after a huge battle, and the Spaniards who survived sailed back to Spain.   You can still see some Spanish influences around Kinsale though, like the Spaniard pub, reputed to have been a meeting place for the Spanish during and after the battle, and a plaque to Don Juan del Aguila outside the Bullman pub, not far from Charles Fort.

After this battle, the British were worried about their foothold in Ireland, which was very necessary to them because of its trade routes with southern Europe and America, so they started work on Charles Fort, and moved a very large battalion of soldiers in to the fort.    The British were also worried that their enemies would use southern Ireland as a ‘back door’ to attack England during the several wars that happened over the next two centuries, so several forts were built around Cork harbour, for protection.

Charles Fort was held by the British until the Anglo Irish treaty of 1922.   Not everyone in Ireland was in favour of the Treaty, and after the British left the fort, it was taken over by the anti-treaty organisation, who burned it to the ground, and destroyed many of the buildings in the fort.

The fort lay derelict for many years, and during the 50s, 60s, early 70s, it was a great party and camping place for the young people of Cork during the summer months!  My sister and I had our first alcoholic drink in the fort a long time ago – ssshhhh   don’t tell anyone!

The Fort was declared a National Monument in 1971, and taken over by the National Heritage of Ireland, who have partly restored the fort, and have preserved much of the old ruined buildings which form part of our history.

There are guided tours of the fort, which we took during the week, and we were very interested to see how much work has been done on the old buildings, and to hear the history of this once huge barracks.   It is a place that is well worth a visit if you are ever in the town of Kinsale.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge : Candid

Hiding among the many sculptures at Vigeland Park

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Travel Theme : Strong

Ailsa has picked the word Strong as the travel theme for this week, and my picture shows an old army Land Rover, a brand well known for its strength and reliability, while in the background you can see the big liner being guided and dragged out to see by little tugs, which are far smaller than the big boat, and far stronger, it seems.

Old and New

Old and New

This old tractor has done a lot of work in its day, it was a faithful workhorse in the Jameson distillery at Midleton, and carted many casks of whiskey around the town, before being retired and replaced.

2013-10-18 12.01.53

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance

For exercise, we all like to do things occasionally that test our endurance, whether it is running a marathon,  or even harder again, taking part in a triathalon, swimming or walking or climbing high mountains.   My own particular form of torture exercise is hillwalking, and there have been times when the hill in front of me has seemed very daunting, but faced with the choice of turning back half way through, or continuing on, most times the upward option wins out, and I eventually get to the top…sometimes vowing never to try again!   Here are some photos taken on a hike of Galtymore, in County Tipperary last year.


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