Wordless Wednesday : Anticipation!

Vienna Guide book

Guide to Vienna

Tuesdays of Texture : 17 May 2016

Danube at Night

The Danube Canal

The photo above was taken at the Danube Canal in Vienna, which is about 17 km long, and meanders around the city of Vienna, before joining the river further along.    There were many pleasure boats and small cruise ships berthed there, waiting to take people on some night time cruises.

Danube Canal, Vienna

Cruising on the Canal

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Thursday Doors : Day and Night

Prague Praha

Doors of Prague

Here are a few more of the very ornate Prague doors – full of pillars, statues, angels, lions and whatever else they felt like carving at the time!   My night time photo has very elaborate carvings also, but I think the bicycle wheels steal the show!

Prague Praha

Bicycle by the door

Check out Norm’s Thursday Doors for more exciting doors.


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge : Week 25 : Music

Prague sign

Choose your music!

This advertising board that I photographed in Prague, has lots of choices for music, whether you like Opera, Classical, Rock, Pop, or Musicals.

Why not head over to Hugh’s Views & News for more on this challenge.


Wordless Wednesday : Escalating to Freedom!

The Graben, Vienna

Escalator in Vienna

It’s Almost Summer, Let’s Go to The Summer Palace!

The Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens was the summer residence of the Imperial Family of Austria, and is only a short tram ride from Vienna.  The project to build the palace was started in 1695, and only completed in the mid 18th century.    The Baroque palace is surrounded by extensive gardens, even with a zoo, and many fountains and statues on either side,with walkways and pathways in between.

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

The Gloriette

This is the Gloriette, or summer house – not the type of summer house that would fit in my back garden!    In front you can see Neptune’s Fountain, a very detailed piece of sculpture.

The Roman Ruins at the Schonbrunn

The Roman Ruins

You will also find some Roman Ruins in the garden, not really from Rome, but copied in 1778 for the Empress Maria Theresia by the same architect who designed the park’s Gloriette: Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg.  Nevertheless, even though they are copied, they are still interesting and impressive.

Roman Ruins at the Schonbrunn,

For me, the most interesting part of the garden was the Obelisk, with its fountain and river gods.  There were so many  different creatures and symbols here, and the obelisk itself rests on the back of four turtles, which is meant to be a symbol of stability.    The main god, with water spewing from his mouth into three basins, and then into the main pool, with his long hair made from leaves and flowers, is really something worth seeing.


Sunday Smile : Chicken Under Armour

, Prague Museum of Armour

Medieval Suits of Armour

When we visited Prague Castle, one of the attractions we saw was the old armoury, where there were many old suits of armour, weapons of war dating back to medieval times, and some other very gruesome instruments of torture.  I thought the suit of armour above was quite special, and fierce like a fighting cock!

Here are some more of the suits that we saw:

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