Foggy mornings, sunny days!

“In nature, everything has a job. The job of the fog is to beautify further the existing beauties!”

When we visited my family in Frankfurt recently, this was our early morning view, changing by the second! The communication tower, known as Europaturm or Ginnheim Tower, is the second tallest structure in Frankfurt after the Main Tower, and looks very impressive at night when the antenna is lit up.   The top of the tower can turn, and did have a restaurant on top, but this has been closed for several years.

And later in the day, when the sun shines, the spire stands out in all its glory.

2015-09-24 11.16.17

Travel Theme : Paint

A modern Lady Godiva!

A modern Lady Godiva!

Not all graffiti is ugly, some of it can have humour, be colourful, different and thought provoking, like this painting on the side of a pedestrian bridge in Frankfurt.    There are some talented artists out there that start painting in public places!

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Thursday Doors : Visiting Germany

2015-09-25 12.05.50

The metal and glass doors belong to St Bartholemew’s Cathedral in Frankfurt, also known as the Frankfurter Dom, and the original church on this site was constructed many years ago, in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Russian Orthodox Church

These very ornate doors are from the Russian Orthodox Church in Weisbaden, also in Germany.    The church itself is also very highly decorated, with golden turrets on top, which sparkle in the sunlight.

To check out more interesting doors, head on over to Norm’s place.

Wordless Wednesday : On Top of the World!

View over Frankfurt


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Floral Friday : Gladiola to Gladden the Heart

Last of the summer colour

Floral Friday

Plugged in and Ready to Go!

2015-09-25 11.43.23

Seen on the streets of Frankfurt – gearing up for a long(ish)  journey!

Have You seen The Little Green Men?

Overcoming Boundaries

Overcoming Boundaries

In the square in front of the City Hall in Frankfurt, Germany at the moment, are hundreds of Little Green Men, along with a few Yellow, Black and Red – all in the name of art!

This is a sculpture installation called ‘Overcoming Boundaries’, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the uniting of East and West Germany.

 Based on the East German Ampelmänner (the figure on pedestrian crosswalk lights in East Germany), the 1,000, 38-centimeter tall statues in the square are called “Unity Men” (Einheitsmännchen) and are intended to be both a symbol of modern German society and an invitation to join in the conversation surrounding the 25-year anniversary.

The exhibition started in Weisbaden, Germany in March of this year, and has been touring around Germany for the past six months, and will end in a few days’ time, following the Day of German Unity on 3rd October.

We visited the square last week with my grandchildren, who were very happy to shake hands with the little smiling men, and the little green men even got in on the photographs with a newly wed Bride and Groom, as they completed their civil ceremony at the Town Hall!

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