Weekly Photo Challenge : Abstract

Prague Hotel

Looking down from above

We stayed on the 6th floor of a hotel in Prague, and this view of the chandeliers going all the way down to the ground floor, was a very intriguing design.  Lucian Freud said ‘The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and ironically, the more real’

Stairway to Heaven

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Weekly Photo Challenge : (Extra) Ordinary

Mundane and  meaningful objects

Beautiful everyday things

I enjoy being out in the countryside, enjoying the scenery and nature in general.    The things that make up beautiful scenery can be the things we see all the time – grasses, a few plants, a tree or two, a stream, sunshine, some patchwork fields and hills.  If you take each item on its own, it can be ordinary and mundane, but put them all together, or let nature put them all together, and you have something EXTRA ordinary.

Bridge on Sheen Falls and River, Co Kerry

Kenmare, Co Kerry

Weekly Photo Challenge : Broken

The very intricate carving on this pulpit looks a bit the worse for wear, and a little bit broken, probably because of its age!   It is a plaster cast of a pulpit designed by Giovanni Pisano way back in 1302.

Old pulpit at the V & A

Old pulpit at the V & A

Another ancient monument, which may look like a heap of broken ruins, is something that has also stood the test of time.    Great Zimbabwe, which was built between the 11th and 13th centuries is  the largest collection of ruins in Africa.

Even if something is broken, it can still be a thing of beauty

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe

Daily Prompt : On the Edge

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

My ‘even keel’ comes from walking – flat walking, hill walking, small mountain walking – as long as it’s out in the fresh air and not on a treadmill in a gym, I am happy.  About 4 years ago,  well past a few major birthday landmarks, I joined a hill-walking club for the first time. This was my first time tackling any incline over 100 metres, and on my first walk I wondered whether I would survive the day!  I had to stop and rest a few times (nobody else seemed to be under that pressure) and was embarrassed when one of the younger girls offered to carry my rucksack, as she could see I was struggling.


Sometimes there are obstacles!

However, I survived and was back again the following week, and am happy to say that 4 years on I am still climbing and look forward to being out in beautiful scenery in all kinds of weather.

One of the advantages of being with a walking club is the fact that there are always people to meet up with and motivate me to keep going, we all struggle from time to time, but it’s all part of the challenge of hill-walking.

Who wouldn’t be relaxed when walking in such beautiful surroundings in West Cork?


Sheeps Head, West Cork

Some hills are more daunting than others


Dolomite Mountains,Italy

But then there’s always an alternative!!


Sometimes going down is a little easier


And the climb to the top is forgotten when you look at the view below you, like this picture taken from the top of Torc Mountain,looking down on the Lakes of Killarney


Torc Mountain,Killarney

For more posts in this prompt, check out http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/daily-prompt-activity/

Weekly Photo Challenge : The World through Your Eyes

This week, I have been experimenting with the various settings on my camera, to get a different look to some of the  photos I take. In line with the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, where we are asked to share a picture that shows the world through our eyes, here are some pictures, seeing things in a different light:


Clonea strand, Co Waterford


Clouding over.


Same beach, different perspective


And finally, a beautiful little church, in the evening light.


East Ferry, Co Cork


Weekly Photo Challenge : The Sign Says

Signs. Funny, poignant, symbolic, incorrect, informative, foreshadowing…there are so many signs in the world. 

I would like to show you some signs I have come across on my travels,that made me smile, and some others that are interesting and informative.

The first photo was taken on a golf course in South Africa, though it’s a well travelled sign, as I have seen similar ones in other places.


Accurate weather prediction?

There was a rock hanging from the sign, which I may not have captured in the photo, but you get the idea.


waiting for the topless bus.

The very colourful sign above, is at one of the bus stops for the open top bus that travels around Cape Town, also known as the ‘topless bus’- not that I came across anyone topless on it, maybe it was the wrong time of year for that sort of thing!!

While travelling around New Zealand a few years ago, I came across some very amusing signs when driving through the small towns, such as the town that is famous for its fresh produce, imagine having to chop this up for your Irish Stew!


Famous local landmark!

And in a small town called Bulls, the townspeople have a sense of humour,and made the most of the name!


Mr and Mrs Bull (maiden name Cow)


Playgroup in Bulls town

There are a few postcards around the world of the following sign, taken at the northern most tip of the North Island,New Zealand

This sign is at the very northern tip of the North Island

This sign is at the very northern tip of the North Island


Weekly Photo Challenge : In the Background

This week’s Photo Challenge asks us to share a picture that says in the background.

While taking a photo of trees by my back garden, just after a shower of rain, this lovely rainbow appeared, which really overshadows everything else in the photograph.



The photo above, taken on a wintry day, shows the background sunset over the mountains, a far more interesting shot than the bare branches in the foreground.

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