Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Colourful Monotones

Sunset in Africa

Sunset in Africa

I hope you enjoy my colourful monochromes of African skies, check out Cee’s blog for more!

A storm on the way

A storm on the way

Also linked to Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge

A Photo A Week Challenge : Brighten up Your Day

2015-01-22 08.51.45

Meet Diplodocus Longus, the world’s largest dinosaur from many millions of years ago….looking very bright and ….long in the Dubai Mall recently.

Linked to Nancy’s A Photo A Week Challenge

A Photo A Week Challenge : Crowd

Irish Open 2014, 18th Hole

When I looked at today’s theme, I immediately thought of the above photo, taken at the final of the Irish Open, which was held in one of our local golf clubs, Fota Island Resort, in June this year.    We were lucky enough, and organised enough, to obtain tickets in the stands for the final day, so had a great (seated) view of the crowds below us, all wanting to see and be as close as possible to the players.

Linked to Nancy’s Photo a Week

A Photo A Week Challenge : A Splash of Colour

On a dull day on the mountains, these hillwalkers in their bright jackets are the only splash of colour against the dull heather and rocks.   The brightness also helps pick out the people in the dull landscape.

The hillwalkers in their colourful jackets

The hillwalkers in their colourful jackets

And these hollyhocks, which we used to call ‘fairy thimbles, stand out against the bracken on a summer’s evening.

Fairy thimbles

Fairy thimbles

Head on over to Nancy Merrill’s page for some more posts in this theme.

Animals in the Wild : A Photo A Week Challenge

This week, Nancy at Nancy Merrill Photography is looking for photos of Anmals that are not domestic, and I have a few from our holiday last year in the Zimbabwe bush.   We saw elephants, zebra, warthogs, hippo and many more, but one of the most exciting mornings was when we walked with lions in Antelope Park, a rehabilitation facility for orphaned lions.   Here are some of the photos of our walk.

A Photo A Week Challenge : Green

Ireland is known for its greenery, probably due to the fact that it often rains here – softly, gently, and sometimes heavy, pouring cats and dogs!.  A well known and often used Irish expression is ‘It’s a soft day, Thank God’  There is an old ballad about Ireland, written by Johnny Cash, called ‘Forty Shades of Green‘ and these photos taken in Killarney National Park give some idea of the many shades and colours of green in nature.





Linked to A Photo A Week Challenge

A Photo A Week Challenge : Stripes

Stripes are everywhere – straight ones, wide ones, narrow ones, curvy ones, zig zag ones…the list goes on, and here are a few of mine!

Check out more entries here

African Art wall hangings

African art on a tiled floor.

A Photo A Week Challenge : Red

Beaded Ladybird hiding in the bushes

This ladybird is trying to camoflauge herself in the greenery!


Ornate doors in a welcoming red

Red is a  colour that always stands out, especially on a door, it says to me ‘Welcome, come on in’   What do you think?

Check out some more Red photos here

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