Travel Theme : Cities



Cities,  like people, come in all sizes and shapes, some are inland, some are by mountains, and some by the sea.    My city of choice for this challenge is Cape Town, which is protected by the majestic Table Mountain, seen above with some cloud cover (sometimes called the tablecloth).   The city is also surrounded by the sea, in fact the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean meet  near the Cape of Good Hope, not too far from Cape Town.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside


These tropical fish, swimming around enjoying life in an Aquarium in Cape Town, look very pretty and pleasing to the eye, but that is only because they are safe inside the fish tank, and not lying outside the tank, gasping for air!


And this little lemon guy, looks quite content to sit and stare at us funny looking objects on the outside, while we watch him and wonder what its like to be inside a big tank, swimming round and round.

Travel Theme : Tilted

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Tilted, and this is my entry –


This picture was taken near Camps Bay, when we were on the Open Top Bus Tour in Cape Town,  The winds coming off the Indian Ocean at this point are so strong that the trees are all tilted  – welcome relief  when the summer sun is beating down on the parked cars, and I am sure it is a prized spot at times.

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Sign Says

Signs. Funny, poignant, symbolic, incorrect, informative, foreshadowing…there are so many signs in the world. 

I would like to show you some signs I have come across on my travels,that made me smile, and some others that are interesting and informative.

The first photo was taken on a golf course in South Africa, though it’s a well travelled sign, as I have seen similar ones in other places.


Accurate weather prediction?

There was a rock hanging from the sign, which I may not have captured in the photo, but you get the idea.


waiting for the topless bus.

The very colourful sign above, is at one of the bus stops for the open top bus that travels around Cape Town, also known as the ‘topless bus’- not that I came across anyone topless on it, maybe it was the wrong time of year for that sort of thing!!

While travelling around New Zealand a few years ago, I came across some very amusing signs when driving through the small towns, such as the town that is famous for its fresh produce, imagine having to chop this up for your Irish Stew!


Famous local landmark!

And in a small town called Bulls, the townspeople have a sense of humour,and made the most of the name!


Mr and Mrs Bull (maiden name Cow)


Playgroup in Bulls town

There are a few postcards around the world of the following sign, taken at the northern most tip of the North Island,New Zealand

This sign is at the very northern tip of the North Island

This sign is at the very northern tip of the North Island

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