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The weekly photo challenge has moved from Fridays to Wednesdays, so here goes for this week’s Shadow.

These photos were taken at sunset in the town of Mainz in Germany, the tower with scaffolding is the main cathedral, which is about 1200 years old, and still standing!

Mainz, Germany

Sunset in Mainz, Germany


Ice Sculptures and Fairy Tales

Ice Sculpture at Mainz, Germany

One of the Three Kings

I hope you are all dressed warmly!   Come and enjoy the wonderful snow and ice sculptures at Eiswelt Mainz in Germany.   We really enjoyed our visit with our grandchildren,  though by the time we got to the end, we were feeling a bit chilly and were very glad of the coffee and hot chocolate in the warmth of the cafe!  Next time we will wear a few extra layers!

There were so many different sculptures  – cathedrals, cartoon characters,  nativity scenes, fairy tales, chairs, furniture, even the Grim Reaper!  Check out this great gingerbread man!

Ice Sculptures, Mainz

Gingerbread Man, straight out of the oven!

And ….

Mainz Eiswelt

Teddy bears and gnomes

Here are a few more of the sculptures


Thursday Doors : 31 March 2016

Cloyne Cathedral

I must admit I haven’t entered Norm’s Thursday Doors for a while, but I thought this old door was perfect for the challenge.   I found it on a recent visit to the old Cloyne cathedral,  which dates back to 1250, many many years old!

Here is another picture of the same door and part of the old cathedral.

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cloyne

Thursday Doors : Visiting Germany

2015-09-25 12.05.50

The metal and glass doors belong to St Bartholemew’s Cathedral in Frankfurt, also known as the Frankfurter Dom, and the original church on this site was constructed many years ago, in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Russian Orthodox Church

These very ornate doors are from the Russian Orthodox Church in Weisbaden, also in Germany.    The church itself is also very highly decorated, with golden turrets on top, which sparkle in the sunlight.

To check out more interesting doors, head on over to Norm’s place.

Thursday Doors : 28 May

Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela

This very intricate door is one we saw at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London recently.   It is a replica of the entrance to the Cathedral of St James, at Santiago de Compostela, very well known to anyone who has walked the Camino in Spain, and below is some more detail of the door.

2015-05-08 12.01.54

Linked to Thursday Doors

The Silent City, Mdina

Mdina, Malta

Mdina, Malta

Welcome to the Silent City, this is the old walled city of Mdina in Malta.  Mdina is the old capital of Malta, and its origins can be traced back to 1500 BC.   It has also been called the Noble City, and is called the Silent City as practically no cars are allowed within its walls, the only exceptions are the traders that operate within the walls, and brides getting married within the city.

entrance gates of Mdina

entrance gates of Mdina

The only entrance into the city is through the gates shown above, and if you don’t fancy walking around, you can be taken over the bridge and through the gates by horse and carriage.

Travel by horse and carriage

Travel by horse and carriage




Impressive palaces line its narrow shady streets,  and Mdina is one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city, with a mix of medieval and baroque architecture.

Stroll alongthe narrow streets

Stroll along the narrow streets

Also within the walls is an impressive cathedral, and a beautiful Baroque church (there are so many Baroque churches in Malta, and they are all spectacular), and some lovely old restaurants and converted palaces.

The Cathedral, Mdina

The Cathedral, Mdina


2015-02-21 11.48.02While we were there, we also visited the Mdina Dungeons, “Malta’s only Museum of Crime and Punishment” and I must say that I definitely did NOT enjoy the more gruesome scenes there – the flyer says “Ancient history blended with startling realism will reveal stories too dramatic to be believed”…the sights and the sounds were pretty scary, and the cruelty shown by the Romans, the Arabs, and even the Knights of old was all pretty gory stuff and was very well presented and realistic.  Is it someplace you would like to visit?

Get down to the Dungeons

Get down to the Dungeons

Malta is a beautiful, small country, with many places to explore, and it’s easy to get around and to see all these wonderful old buildings full of history.

Linked to Jo’s Monday Walk

Chichester Cathedral


Chichester Cathedral was established in 1076, and completed in 1108, and has been added to many times since then. It is a very imposing building, and contains many paintings and sculptures, some of them going back to Norman times. There is also a Chapel of St George,(the memorial chapel of the Royal Sussex Regiment), a Lady Chapel, a Chapel of St. Clement with a memorial to the Royal Air Force, a Chapel of St. Michael (The Sailor’s Chapel) and a Chapel of St. John the Baptist.

Among the many works of art you can see a Stained Glass Window created by the painter Marc Chagall , the Piper Tapestry at the High Altar, some 16th century paintings, a Graham Sutherland original painting depicting Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene on the first Easter morning, and many sculptures.

The Bell Tower is a separate building next to the Cathedral, and is about 600 years old.   There are 8 bells in the tower, and though the building looks a bit damp from the outside, it is still in use, and the bells can be heard all over the town and surrounding countryside.



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