Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge : Week 21

Chichester Park from the City Walls

Chichester Park from the City Walls

We went on a lovely stroll recently on the City Walls in Chichester,England.   The city dates back to Roman times, about two thousand years ago, and the walls have been restored and turned into an interesting elevated walk which is only about one and a half miles long, and goes around the park, the cricket grounds, and the gardens attached to the Cathedral and the Bishops Palace.

History of the Walls

History of the Walls

And if you don’t feel like walking or running on the walls, this might be an easy alternative!

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Vibrant Colours

Colourful Kinsale

Colourful Kinsale

Many towns in Ireland like to paint their houses and shops in vibrant colours, as you can see from this shop called ‘Stone Mad’ selling beautiful jewellery and knick knacks in Kinsale.  The pink window frames, rainbow colours and the hanging baskets add to the vibrancy and make people stop and have a look.


This huge mural stands behind one of the altars at Chichester Cathedral, it is the Piper Tapestry which was woven in France in 1966, designed by John Piper who also made stained glass windows for several churches.

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral

This magnificent stained glass window is also in Chichester Cathedral, and has been there since the 14th century, and the colours are so vibrant, considering that it has survived many centuries.

Check out Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for more.

Chichester Cathedral


Chichester Cathedral was established in 1076, and completed in 1108, and has been added to many times since then. It is a very imposing building, and contains many paintings and sculptures, some of them going back to Norman times. There is also a Chapel of St George,(the memorial chapel of the Royal Sussex Regiment), a Lady Chapel, a Chapel of St. Clement with a memorial to the Royal Air Force, a Chapel of St. Michael (The Sailor’s Chapel) and a Chapel of St. John the Baptist.

Among the many works of art you can see a Stained Glass Window created by the painter Marc Chagall , the Piper Tapestry at the High Altar, some 16th century paintings, a Graham Sutherland original painting depicting Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene on the first Easter morning, and many sculptures.

The Bell Tower is a separate building next to the Cathedral, and is about 600 years old.   There are 8 bells in the tower, and though the building looks a bit damp from the outside, it is still in use, and the bells can be heard all over the town and surrounding countryside.



Windows to Gaze At.


Chichester Cathedral is over 900 years old, and is a very impressive building and has some magnificent stained glass windows.

There are also many other treasures and artworks  to see in the cathedral, like tombs, the remains of a Roman mosaic pavement, and many modern works of art.

Here are a few of the wonderful windows

Viking Kings of Norway

One of the oldest buildings in Chichester is the Church of St Olave or Olaf, who was a Viking King of Norway, born 995 and died 1030.He was also a Christian and was canonised a saint in 1164.

It seems though that the young Olaf, known as Olaf the Stout, was not always so saintly.  In his teenage years he was given his first Viking Ship and spent his early teens raiding towns and villages up and down the Baltic Sea.    At 18 years old, he joined forces with another Viking, Thorkell the Tall, a Danish Viking Chief, and, as young men do, they decided to head west to England, where they spent three years pillaging and destroying much of the south east of England.    When they got bored of England, they sailed across to Normandy and carried on to parts of France and Spain, before returning to Normandy,   While he was in Normandy, he became a Christian, and in 1013 he headed home to Norway and a few years later, at the age of 22,  he became King.

Over the next few years, he slowly converted the people of Norway to Christianity, and Olav did not only make people accept Christianity, but on advice from his Bishops, he also made ‘Christian law’ the law of the land. All other laws had to be changed to fit the ‘Christian law’. This meant big changes in the everyday life of the people and he soon became very unpopular among many, especially the chiefs and earls. The new laws reduced their position in society and they too now had to abide by them.

All did not go well for Olaf  because of his new rules, and  King Canute, who was ruler of Denmark and England at the time,  saw that a lot of the people in Norway were unhappy with Olaf, so in 1028 he arrived in Norway and siezed the throne from Olaf.   Olaf  had to flee to Russia, and he stayed there for two years, getting together an army to go back and re-conquer Norway.   He came back in 1030 and a fierce battle ensued, but Olaf was killed in the battle.  After his death, there were rumours of miracles happening  and strange lights being seen in the place where he was buried.   Even his enemies had a change of heart, and decided that they should not have killed him,  and shortly after that  he was declared a saint.

Gradually,  the whole of  Norway embraced the Christian faith and values, and for a long time, his shrine was one of the most visited in northern Europe.    His popularity spread to many places outside Norway, and there are churches and schools all over England, and even a few in Ireland, dedicated to St.Olave or Olaf.   This article will tell you more about this Viking King.


Church of St.Olave, Chichester


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