Wordless Wednesday : A Steep Descent

A long way down

Wordless Wednesday : Climb Every Mountain!


Wordless Wednesday : Taking a Hike!

Looking across at the Galtees

Galtee Mountains

From the Side : Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Overlooking Galtee mountains

We went hiking in the Glen of Aherlow at the weekend, and when we stopped for lunch after about two hours’ walking, I saw this old abandoned bench, and managed to get a side shot through the long grass and rushes.   This bench was in a fantastic spot, looking across at the very majestic Galtee mountains – who wouldn’t want to stop and sit here for a while.

Galtee Mountains

Galtee mountains

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge : Fresh


Fresh breezes

Fresh breezes

When hillwalking we often come across these ‘fresh’ clouds and mist after the rain, but it’s usually a sign that the day is warming up, so its not all bad!

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Wordless Wednesday : A Steep Hike

Hiking in the Galtees

Galtee Mountains

Photo 101 : Day 15 – Landscape

2014-05-18 14.01.22

Today’s challenge is Landscape.   I enjoy hillwalking and for that reason, I have many many photos of landscapes taken here in Ireland, and in other countries also.  The photo above was taken on top of the Galtee Mountains in Tipperary, with hills as far as the eye can see, and down below you can see the path that brought us to this spot!

The Escarpment, Zimbabwe

The Escarpment, Zimbabwe

My second shot is from Zimbabwe.   Travelling on the road towards Mana Pools and the Zambezi river,this is a view point on the escarpment, where you can see nothing but bush land, all the way to the Zambian hills.

Another view of the Escarpment

Another view of the Escarpment

Photo 101 : Day 6 : Connect

We all connect with people every day, sometimes a good connection, sometimes maybe not so good, but we can never be completely isolated and that is a good thing, and especially as people get older, and possibly  they live on their own,then  they welcome any connection with others to make the day brighter.

I went hillwalking yesterday  in the lovely Glen of Aherlow, in County Tipperary, a beautiful area near the Galtee Mountains.   There was a big group of us on the walk, and it was great to connect with old friends,meet new ones, and catch up with everyone.  This photo was taken about 20 minutes from the end of the walk when we stopped at the Christ the King statue (Ireland has a lot of this type of thing!) – this statue overlooks the Galtee mountains, and whilst we admired the view and had a ‘sus beag’  (little rest), we ‘connected’ some more!


having a 'sus beag'

having a ‘sus beag’

Walking on Autumn

Walking on Autumn leaves, homeward bound



Mossy Banks and Walls

During our hillwalk in the Galtee Mountains at the weekend, we came across the ruins of an old house.  Judging by the few walls that were left, this house hasn’t been lived in for a very long time, and stone walls covered with moss are about all that is left of what was once a ‘house with a view, in a desirable location’.


This old house is barely standing

Covered in moss

Only a pile of stones left.

mossy banks

walkers passing by

Up on the Hills

Yesterday we went hillwalking in the Galtee Mountains, in County Tipperary. This time we were on a smaller mountain, only about 600 metres high.   This mountain is called Knockeennatoung, or Cnoicin no Teanga in Irish (which means the little hill of the tongue, if my Irish is correct).   It was a cloudy day, though we escaped the rain, and we had great views of Galtymore and Galtybeg as we walked along our little mountain.


the beginning of the climb.

Looking across at Galtymore

The view of the valley

The mists coming down on the Galtees

Clouds coming up

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