Weekly Photo Challenge : Landscape

Lake Kariba at sunset, Zimbabwe

My photos for this challenge were  taken at Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, when we spent Christmas there a year ago.   The distant hills, the water of the lake, and the cloudy sky, all make it a sunset to remember, and it is the time of the evening when you grab a beer, or a gin and tonic, and sit outside and watch the ever changing landscape.

Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

Usually the sun sets very quickly in Africa.  One minute the sun is there, and you can almost see it sinking down below the horizon, but the reflections that follow are always memorable.

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Half Light : Weekly Photo Challenge

Ballycotton LighthouseThe picture of Ballycotton Lighhouse, in East Cork, was taken in the early afternoon, but rain clouds overhead were gathering, and it looked like evening time.

Sunset over Lake Kariba

The sky above was a sunset photo taken at Lake Kariba, in Zimbabwe, a country that always has spectacular sunrises and sunsets, especially when there are clouds around.

African sunsets always remind me of the song by Toto – I bless the rains down in Africa, and the chorus goes –

I bless the rains down in Africa
I bless the rains down in Africa
(Ah, gonna take the time)
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

Rains in Africa are sometimes fairly scarce, (not like Ireland and England usually), so they are very welcome when they do arrive.

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Wordless Wednesday : The Good Life

2015-01-03 17.39.14


Weekly Photo Challenge : Afloat

Boats and Hippos

Boats and Hippos

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has afloat as it’s theme, and the above photo combines floating boats, a jetty, and a few hippo in the background keeping cool in the water and watching us as we prepare to go afloat!

Juno keeping cool in the heat

Juno keeping cool in the heat

And a swimming pool is the ideal place to cool down in the African heat, especially if you are a White Shepherd with lots of fur!

Clouds afloat in the sunset

Clouds afloat in the sunset

I think the best sunsets are those that have lots of clouds afloat in the sky, to make the colours more interesting.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge : Week 11

How far would you like to go?

How far would you like to go?

I was  in Zimbabwe at Christmas time, and on our way back from Lake Kariba, we came across this very informative sign…we could go to Mount Kilimanjaro (2772 km), or in the other direction, Port Louis in Mauritius (2772 km), or even to the Pyramids in Egypt!   Then again, we weren’t feeling too adventurous that day, so Clouds End Hotel (And Cold Beer) at 163 meters was just about right!!

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One Word Photo Challenge : Teal

Let's jump in.

Let’s jump in.

Teal is such a restful colour, serene and peaceful.   Can you just see the beautiful colour of the sea on a warm sunny day, with the reflection of the sun on the clear water, just like this swimming pool, seen from above.   Doesn’t it look inviting?

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Wordless Wednesday : Safe Harbour

Kariba Harbour

Kariba Harbour

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

The Roman Arenain Vernona

The Roman Arena in Vernona

The Roman Arena in Verona, Italy, dating back to the first century,  is a splendid example of symmetry,with two floors of arched windows, in a round structure, looking out on the people in the square, as it has done for centuries.

And the pair of African grey hornbills, are almost symmetrical, as they sit and contemplate the fishing on the lake, and wait for the setting sun.

African hornbills

African hornbills

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

Evening time on Lake Kariba

Evening time on Lake Kariba

Big skies give a great depth, and you feel that you can see forever!

Looking down from above

Looking down from above

And back home in Cork city, the view from the top of St. Patrick’s Hill gives a great and interesting depth.

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Never Smile at a Crocodile!

We came across some crocodiles in the wild on our trip to southern Africa, and naturally stayed well away, as they are one of the most dangerous predators around, and every year they are responsible for many accidents in lakes and rivers.  Crocodiles can live between 70 and 100 years, and can grow to about 5 meters in length!  Imagine coming face to face with something so terrifying.

The Nile Crocodile, closely related to the Alligators in America, is a very agressive predator, capable of taking most animals, and humans.  He is a very patient animal, and will wait for days sometimes for a suitable moment to attack.  He is very agile, especially in water, has four short legs and a long powerful tail and enormous jaws and teeth,  and can move very quickly on land also, if he needs to.

We had the opportunity to photograph some of these monsters, at a breeding farm near Lake Kariba.  They were safely behind an electric fence, so we felt brave enough to get out of our cars and photograph them, you will see that they are indeed very scary.  We had my daughter’s dogs in the car with us, and when one of them spotted the crocs he started to bark.  All of a sudden, all the crocodiles opened their eyes, smelt the fresh meat, and every single one of them started to move towards the fence, some of them climbing over each other to get there first…I can tell you we made our departure fairly quickly, electric fence or not!

Never smile at a Crocodile,

Cos you can’t get friendly with a Crocodile

Don’t be taken in, by his cheery grin

He’s imagining how well you’ll fit beneath his skin!

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