Silhouette – Travel with Intent

My photos for this challenge Silhouette are two very different ones.   The first is a stormy scene over Glengarriff in West Cork, judging by the dark clouds, the heavens were about to open, but we were safely indoors sipping a coffee and enjoying some home cooked food!

Garnish Island

Storm clouds over Garnish Island in Glengarriff

My second photo is the Hammering Man outside the exhibition centre in Frankfurt.   This sculpture is  a 21 metres tall moving man, and was installed in 1991 for the opening of the exhibition centre.

Frankfurt, Germany

The Hammering Man, Frankfurt Messe (Exhibition Centre)

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The Daunt Rock and The Mary Stanford

On a visit to Ballycotton last weekend, I was intrigued by the very battered and bruised old lifeboat on display overlooking the lighthouse.  This was the Mary Stanford, and it was only when I got home and asked the all knowing ‘ Dr Google’, that I found out the intriguing history of this very hard working little boat with the big heart.

RNLB Mary Stanford

RNLB Mary Stanford

Unusually, this lifeboat was the only lifeboat in Ireland that was awarded a gold medal for gallantry. Often lifeboat crews receive medals for gallantry, but in this case the lifeboat also received a gold medal, for the famous Daunt Lightship rescue in February 1936.    The original Mary Stanford was built in 1916, and was stationed in Rye, England, but was lost in a storm in 1928, when it went down with all 17 crew on board.

In 1930, the son of Mary Stanford paid for a new lifeboat which ended up in Ballycotton, Co Cork.    She was the lifeboat there until 1959, going out 41 times, and saving over 120 lives.   The most famous rescue, and the most dangerous, was in February 1936 when the Daunt Lightship, off the Daunt Rock outside Cork Harbour, broke away from her moorings in a violent storm.   There were 7 crew on board, and the Mary Stanford was called out from Ballycotton.    It was at sea for 41 hours, and the crew had no food for over 24 hours, but all the crew of the lightship were eventually rescued after the lifeboat  went alongside over a dozen times.   Brave boat and crew indeed.   You can read about the rescue here.

The lifeboat was retired in 1959, and was on the quays in Dublin for many years, and as you can see, it is in a very sad state of repair.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the  people of Ballycotton, the boat is now ‘home’ and will eventually be restored with care and attention, and will remain at the start of the Ballycotton Cliff Walk, overlooking the Ballycotton lighthouse.





Walking in the Irish Countryside

Here are some photos from a hike yesterday in the Nagle Mountains, in North Cork.   Here again there is much evidence of trees that came down in the big storm, in fact we had to scramble under a lot of them that had fallen across our path.    Let’s hope that with the arrival of April we will see better and calmer weather from now on.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge : 50 Years or Older

The result of the storm

It’s another one of those stormy days in Cork, and on my way to the shops today I came across these two magnificent trees that were uprooted in the gales a few days ago.   These trees have been there for ever, and it only took one very bad storm to knock them over – luckily the farmhouse is set well back from the road, otherwise there could have been a lot of damage done.

I think this fits very well with Cee’s Challenge – 50 years or older.   Check out more posts here

More Winter Storms on the Way!

This afternoon we took a drive to Weavers Point, Crosshaven, to look at the waves coming in to Cork Harbour from the Atlantic.  We were right across the bay from Roches Point Lighthouse,  at the mouth of Cork Harbour, which is right in the path of the wind.

The South of Ireland got quite a battering in the past few days with wind and high tides, and more forecast for tonight.    There were plenty white horses on the waves, though the wind was not so strong  this afternoon.  Some of the photos look pleasant, because the sun was shining, but the wind was howling, and I am so glad to be on firm ground, and not on a ship being tossed about in the waves.

Looking out my back door.

Roches Point, Cork Harbour

Roches Point

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