Photo101 : Day 3 – Water

Even though my star sign is Capricorn, the mountain goat, I enjoy being near water and listening to rippling streams on a lazy summer’s day, or waves crashing on the shore on a stormy day.

These are some of my favourite water photos.   The first one is a very photographed place of natural beauty here in Ireland, the Lakes of Killarney, which is a must see for visitors to this country.

A  view of the Lakes of Killarney

A view of the Lakes of Killarney

And on the other side of the world, in Zimbabwe, no visit would be complete without a visit to Victoria Falls, and the mighty Zambezi River.   This gorge  is called the Devil’s Cataract, and the falls here only have a drop of 60 meters, as opposed to the main falls which are over 100m deep.    Even so, I wouldn’t like to go over the cliff into the ‘boiling pot’ below.

The Devil's Cataract

The Devil’s Cataract

Weekly Photo Challenge : Twist

The Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe was built in 1904 and is the oldest hotel in Victoria Falls.   It is an old colonial hotel, and has a long and colourful history of the many people that have passed through its doors. Going up the winding staircase, you come across these hunting trophies, showing the twisted horns of the different types of wild animals brought back by hunting parties, in a time when hunting, fishing and shooting were normal pastimes for the rich and famous visitors to the wilds of Africa!


Misty in Africa

This week Ailsa from ‘Where’s my Backpack’ asks us to show some misty photographs, and my favourite place in Africa is Victoria Falls, where there is always mist as the Zambezi River rushes over the Falls into the deep gorges below.   The mist from the Falls can be seen from miles around, especially when it’s rainy season upstream, and there is a huge volume of water hurtling downstream.

The Mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls

The Mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge : Week 5

This week, Cee’s challenge is to show pathways, bridges,  roads, walkways, railway tracks, and of course, signs.   Let’s see what we can come up with!

These old railway sleepers are now put to good use to help climbers get to the top of Torc Mountain, near Killarney.   As you can see, the solid wooden sleepers are covered with wire so that they are not slippery in wet or icy conditions.

2013-05-17 12.47.43

The long and winding road.

The long and winding road.

When you start to climb a hill, it can sometimes be daunting to look up at where you have to go!

A fairly long way to go!

A fairly long way to go!

These stone steps lead to a little thatched lodge in Camp Amalinda, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Steps to a secret hideaway.

Steps to a secret hideaway.

And here is the railway bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, at Victoria Falls– this bridge will be familiar to anyone who has bungee-jumped while on holiday at Victoria Falls.    For the brave readers among us, it’s a 111 metre drop into the Zambezi river below.

Victoria Falls railway bridge

Victoria Falls railway bridge

And specially for Cee, here is a sign you might like!

Do's and dont's when walking with lions

Do’s and dont’s when walking with lions

For more posts in this challenge, check out

A Word a Week Challenge : Curve

This week’s challenge should bring up a lot of different curves –  everywhere we see curves, in buildings, in nature, wherever we look.


This is the first of my photos, the door of the cathedral in Bolzano, Italy, which has lots of interesting curves and circles, and the stonework around the door is also curving.


Bolzano Cathedral

here is another old building from the square in the same town, everything curving, even the balconies and the roof.


And of course, a curving staircase is the essence of luxury, and of living in a bye-gone era.  This one is in the old colonial Victoria Falls Hotel, which was established in 1904, and  is still going strong, with visitors from all over the world who come to see the Victoria Falls, which were discovered by David Livingstone in 1855, and named in honour of Queen Victoria.


Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe



Travel Theme : The Four Elements

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack, for the latest weekly challenge.   Here is my take on The Four Elements:


Norwegian Wood

My Earth photo was taken in Norway at the beginning of  winter 2009, when I visited for my grand-daughter’s first birthday. There was a little snow, but by Norwegian standards, it was hardly worth mentioning!

The second Element is Air, and I have 2 photographs for this.  They were taken on a windy day in Howth harbour, looking out at Ireland’s Eye, it was cold and looks like the heavens are about to open in the second photo, even though in the first one (taken a few minutes earlier) the day looks almost pleasant!


The storm is brewing - time to go inside for a cuppa!

The storm is brewing – time to go inside for a cuppa!

For my Water element, I am moving to another country again, and showing you 2 photos of the Zambezi river thundering over the gorge at Victoria Falls, this is one of my favourite places to visit.

The Devil's Cataract at Victoria Falls

The Devil’s Cataract at Victoria Falls

Water and spray at Victoria Falls

Water and spray at Victoria Falls

And for my final element-Fire – my first photo is that Fiery Ball in the sky, which warms us all from millions of light years away, and gives us energy, makes us happy, and makes us sad when we can’t see it.

The Fire of Life

The Fire of Life

and finally, my own cosy winter fire that keeps me warm when the sun has gone away on a winter break.

Come sit by the fire.

Come sit by the fire.

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