Ambience: Weekly Photo Challenge

Hikingin Corrin Hill Fermoy

A Winter’s Tale

I took this photo last weekend while hiking in County Cork.   It’s a very typical outlook at this time of the year, when the fog and mist come down, and gives a winter ambience to the countryside.

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One Word Photo Challenge : Scarlet

Scarlet is such a vibrant, passionate, colour, that even a little bit of scarlet in a photo will make it stand out.   My first photo was taken in Copenhagen last winter, and the Lady in Red really stands out against the yellow bus, even though the pigeons in the foreground seem to be ignoring her!

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

And from winter to summer, my next shot was taken on a summer holiday in Italy, and the pops of red, scarlet and orange really bring life to the scene.


A lazy summer's day

A lazy summer’s day

In the 17th and 18th centuries,  soldiers’ uniforms were often scarlet in colour, as you can see from these re-enactors demonstrating the various types of uniforms used by British armies in days gone by.

Cromwell's Men in action

Cromwell’s Men in action

Thanks to Jennifer for her prompt.

Knit One, Purl One

I have started knitting again, it was a favourite pastime of mine some years ago, but the needles have been ‘resting’ in a wardrobe for some time, but with all the gorgeous wools coming into the shops now, I thought I would start doing a few simple things again.  I like to knit while aimlessly watching something not-too-riveting on TV, or just catching up with some posts on my reader.

I made some ear/head warmers for my grandchildren, very simple straight knitting, they could have been hats if I kept going and did a bit of decreasing, but they look great as they are, and will be much appreciated in the Norwegian winter.

2013-09-26 15.04.42

I also made something similar for my 13 month old grandson, but he wouldn’t keep it on his head long enough to take a photo, so it may be some time before he wears it.

About a month ago, I found a lovely wool shop in Kinsale, and saw, and instantly fell in love with this gorgeous red wool, it’s called Can Can Disco, doesn’t the colour remind you of Christmas time?   I had never seen this type of lacy knitting before, it’s called ribbon yarn, the lady in the shop kindly gave me a demonstration on how to knit with it, and it is very simple, only takes 7 stitches, and one ball of wool.   I  have passed it on to my daughter to brighten up her winter wardrobe!  Maybe I will make another one for myself, as this one only took a few hours.

Christmas Red

Christmas Red

My next project is some wrist warmers, I found lots of lovely patterns on, and chose the Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers pattern, for a quick and easy knit. I am somewhat impatient, so love all these patterns that grow so quickly,and are finished in no time!

This is the way to do it!

She is learning fast.

I am trying to pass on my little bit of knitting knowledge, so I am showing my 7 year old granddaughter the basics of knitting, now that I am back home, I hope that she will keep practising, and we will have another ‘scarf knitter’ before too long!

2013-08-21 10.39.59

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Golden Hour

‘In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Photographers venture out on sunrise hikes or sunset treks to capture a magical shot, due to the quality of the light during that time of day.  Share a picture taken during the golden hour’

I am not much of a sunrise person, but I do have a few sunset pictures in my many files of photos, here are a few taken in Norway last December.    We had the first snowfall on the day we arrived, so there was much excitement and photos, and playing in the snow.   The low sun was particularly bright against the whiteness of the snow.


And before very long,it had disappeared completely, leaving a golden glow on the bare trees.


I know, I know, it’s summertime now, and we don’t really want to be reminded of cold snowy winters yet, so here are a few sunsets from the other end of the world, Zimbabwe, in March


The Fire of Life

The Fire of Life


Weekly Photo Challenge : In the Background

This week’s Photo Challenge asks us to share a picture that says in the background.

While taking a photo of trees by my back garden, just after a shower of rain, this lovely rainbow appeared, which really overshadows everything else in the photograph.



The photo above, taken on a wintry day, shows the background sunset over the mountains, a far more interesting shot than the bare branches in the foreground.

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Travel Theme : The Four Elements

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack, for the latest weekly challenge.   Here is my take on The Four Elements:


Norwegian Wood

My Earth photo was taken in Norway at the beginning of  winter 2009, when I visited for my grand-daughter’s first birthday. There was a little snow, but by Norwegian standards, it was hardly worth mentioning!

The second Element is Air, and I have 2 photographs for this.  They were taken on a windy day in Howth harbour, looking out at Ireland’s Eye, it was cold and looks like the heavens are about to open in the second photo, even though in the first one (taken a few minutes earlier) the day looks almost pleasant!


The storm is brewing - time to go inside for a cuppa!

The storm is brewing – time to go inside for a cuppa!

For my Water element, I am moving to another country again, and showing you 2 photos of the Zambezi river thundering over the gorge at Victoria Falls, this is one of my favourite places to visit.

The Devil's Cataract at Victoria Falls

The Devil’s Cataract at Victoria Falls

Water and spray at Victoria Falls

Water and spray at Victoria Falls

And for my final element-Fire – my first photo is that Fiery Ball in the sky, which warms us all from millions of light years away, and gives us energy, makes us happy, and makes us sad when we can’t see it.

The Fire of Life

The Fire of Life

and finally, my own cosy winter fire that keeps me warm when the sun has gone away on a winter break.

Come sit by the fire.

Come sit by the fire.

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